Real 'Roy of the Rovers' Stuff

Roy Race, star of 'Roy of the Rovers' made his first appearance on September 11th 1954. September is an important month in the history of 'Roy of the Rovers' because 25th September 1976 also saw the first issue of 'Roy of the Rovers' the comic. The likes of Blackie Gray joined Roy in his new comic along with new stories including Johnny Dexter in Hard Man, The Football, You Are The Star, Smith And Son, Tommy's Troubles, Millionaire Villa, Mike's Mini Men and of course Roy Of The Rovers.

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Billy Dane was the eternal schoolboy who, after over a quarter of a century, managed to remain twelve years old. Rubbish at football, Billy was always picked last for footy practise. Billy first appeared in the first issue of Scorcher comic dated 10th January 1970. In Scorcher Billy found a pair of ancient football boots, in his Gran's attic that belonged to a footballer called 'Deadshot Keane'. When Billy wore the boots he somehow developed the ability to play in the old star's style. Billy's Boots (john Gillat) survived Scorcher's merger with Score comic and also its merger with Tiger comic which meant by 1974, Billy's Boots was a regular favourite of Tiger & Scorcher.

With Tiger comic's merger, Billy's Boots found itself in the Eagle (Mark 2) where there was less focus on the footballing side of the storyline. Billy's Boots was given a new lease of life in 1986, when once again it found itself in the medium that suited it best, a football comic - Roy of the Rovers! The strip finished in Roy of the Rovers but returned briefly in reprint form in 2006 in Striker.

You can read about Roy's life in his autobiography entitled 'Roy of the Rovers: The Official Autobiography of Roy of the Rovers' which includes important events during his life such as the loss of his wife Penny in a car accident and the murder attempt he suffered in 1980. The book also tells of the helicopter crash that brought a halt to his playing careear after the loss of his left foot


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